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“It’s not a fake-out,” Kreisberg said. “Felicity and Oliver actually have a pretty raw discussion about what they mean to each other, which we’re really excited about, and [it] is actually an extension of what happened at the end of last year.”

In fact, fans can expect a different type of identity crisis for Oliver this year—one that might change his outlook on Felicity.

“So much of this season is going to be devoted to Oliver,” Kreisberg said. “He never really stopped to let himself think about if there was a life for him beyond the hood. When we saw him in the pilot, he came back with a very specific agenda, and I don’t even think he necessarily thought he was going to survive it. And certainly last year with Slade’s return, there was again, I don’t think he ever thought he would live past last season.

“What’s interesting about the beginning of season three is it’s been about six or seven months since the finale, and crime is down, Lance has disbanded the anti-vigilante task force, police aren’t hunting him anymore, and Dig actually says to him in the premiere episode ‘It’s never going to get better than it is right now,’” Kreisberg said. “So much of that first episode is really Oliver saying, ‘Am I Oliver Queen or am I the Arrow? And can Oliver Queen have a life?’ That extends to running Queen Consolidated, and it also extends to romance, and as much as that’s the story of the premiere episode, it’s really the story for this season.”


“We sort of say, if you take Grant [Gustin] and Stephen [Amell] and mix them together, you get Brandon. You get the guy who looks like a superhero, because Brandon obviously is. But you get that sort of charm and verbal dexterity that Oliver doesn’t necessarily have that Ray has in spades, so seeing [Ray and Felicity] together, it’s already fun.”

So it sounds like this year’s new big bad won’t be the only thing weighing on Oliver. As Kreisberg put it, “Now there’s a real legitimate threat, or at least a real legitimate choice for Felicity to make. Oliver’s reaction to it and the decisions it forces him to make are the emotional crux of the episodes.” (x)


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I think the Arrow make up three people, not just Oliver. Yes he may don that hood and it may have been his idea, but Digg and Felicity sacrifice and save the city just as much as he does. So even when there are more people in Arrow cave and entering the team (which im not bitter about), Digg, Felicity, and Oliver will be the only three that really make up that Arrow. If you get what I'm saying?? Idk if this makes sense?




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Arrow season 3 Laurel lance

Hey gurl! How are you doing?

Not-really olicity related (I just love all the olicity spoilers)! But I just don’t know about Laurel. I really hope I’m going to like the character this season. In season two (my first season watching arrow)  I’ve been fast forwarding trough her scenes because I just didn’t care. The actress seems to come across as a very nice person (in my opinion). How do you think they can make her work in season 3? How can they make this character likeable, or make me care as a viewer?  I don’t know rambling i guess lol. What are your thoughts?



Hey love! Always good hearing from you. Thank you so much for the submission. 

I honestly don’t know about Laurel either, LOL. I think that she’s a character that the writers thought would be more applicable and popular than she has turned out to be. I think that Katie Cassidy is a competent actress (I’ve seen her in other stuff, and the girl is good), but here, with Laurel, it’s not a good marriage at all. 

Here are seven points (in decreasing order) that I think will at the very least salvage what is left of the character to actually root for:

7.) Sorry, but being a lawyer looks dry and….uninteresting. *I SAID SORRY*

It’s too late to change this one, and I know that you are not what you do for a living, but making Laurel a lawyer, yeah, doesn’t exactly get my motor running. No offense to lawyers, but yeah, that’s just how I feel. I think that John’s past in the military is fascinating. I think Felicity’s foray into computer science is awesome, but…a lawyer? This did not make me want to watch Laurel doing her thing in the daytime…or anytime, because she was always at work, her nose in a file or her eyes glued to a computer screen.  

Also, her inability to keep her high-profile job at the District Attorney’s office was getting annoying and the black-mailing to get said job back….doesn’t that go against the fucking ethical shit that she stood for at CNRI, that all lawyers took an oath to uphold? That was the writers’ “out” from all the dry, pip squeak lawyer crap and gave Laurel something far more interesting and enticing, but no dice.  

6.) The writers coming around to the fact that the Lance Clan is not what we watch for:

Well, this isn’t exclusive to Laurel per se, but yeah, I think that it’s great that the writers try to include the Lances into the fold, but they gave that family too much of a spotlight this past season.

I love Quentin. I would only be so lucky to have a father like him. I adoreeee him. I have no real thoughts on Dinah. She just shows up to screw with Quentin’s head and is back to wherever she came from. Sara is okay. But do I want to see flashbacks of them? Not entirely. Do entire episodes need to be dedicated to them? No. Sorry. Arrow gets too big for its britches in trying to keep us at superhero-overload and write character stories, and if the EPs are set on doing that, BOTH HAVE TO BE INTERESTING, or else the show feels uneven.  

What was spent on the Lances this season could have easily been given to Felicity or Diggle, far more intriguing characters who are more underdeveloped. We get it, the Lances have fucking issues. What family doesn’t? Moving on please…

5.) The producers need to fucking decide if she’ll ever be the Black Canary or not:

The teasing about it couldn’t have been fun for Katie for two seasons now, but to go into Season 3, they need to just make it clear already. Caity Lotz looks to be coming back for the premiere as Sara/Canary, so, what the hell was the “Oh here’s Oliver’s dick back…oh, and a nice leather jacket! Bye!" all about in the finale? If they’re not going full-steam with Laurel as her comic alter-ego, then give her something. If the Canary vein of the show ends with Sara Lance, then make it final already.  


How am I supposed to buy Laurel as a crime-fighting, champion for the wronged and battered women of Starling City as the Black Canary (if they ever decide if she’s the second-incarnation or not), if she can get stomped on by Oliver’s infidelity and go back for more? More in the next point. 

3.) Give her a new, exciting love interest:

I think the writers wanted Oliver and Laurel to work so badly, that they steamrolled over a character that really helped endear Laurel to us: Tommy Merlyn. Tommy had this charm, edge and yet, a sincerity, about him that Oliver lacked sometimes. He was good both to and for Laurel, but what did she do? Screw him over for the toxicity with Oliver. Again, the writers wanted O/L to work out more than any of us ever “saw” it actually happening. I would rather have Tommy back than most, if not all, of Oliver and Laurel’s interactions. Hell, I’d rather have Tommy Merlyn back regardless.

My point is that Laurel was at her most spirited and vibrant when she was romantically involved with Tommy. Albeit, I was fucking done with her not wanting to give him a fair chance because of his past misdeeds, but can still be with love with the idiot who slept with her sister and left her in Starling City to plan for an apartment and a relationship that he no longer really wanted, but that’s just yet another glaring inconsistency about the O/L/T triangle of Season 1.  

Basically, Laurel needs someone new. I mean, bottomline. Yes, she’ll be around Oliver a bunch more since she knows his secret, but I am hoping (against hope, because surely these writers aren’t going to do it) that it doesn’t translate into her mixing up his signals and Oliver actually giving her the wrong signals about what he wants. It’s toxic. Laurel needs to just wave goodbye to him romantically and get a fresh face to kiss on. The writers were getting there with Sebastian, but turned him over to being Slade’s minion and someone Laurel had an inkling to investigate. 

AGAIN. Laurel Lance needs new, exciting, uncomplicated d-i-c-k. 

2.) Treat Felicity and Diggle with way more respect and relevance to Oliver’s progression as a person and a hero:

WE GET IT WRITERS. LAUREL HAS KNOWN OLIVER FOREVER. She knows about that scar on his left knee when he fell off the swings in 3rd grade, she knows about that time he embarrassed himself at pee-wee football tryouts. She was his prom date for junior AND senior festivities. We get it. She’s been there for it all, but as the saying goes, “What has she been there for lately?

Not a damn thing, and for me, as soon as Laurel found out about Team Arrow, she really didn’t see anything but Oliver. Uhm, helloooooooo, John Diggle and Felicity Smoak here, besties, partners, Oliver’s lifelines, compasses, confidantes, soldiers. Would you like to acknowledge them too? I get it, she’s known Oliver longer (as if that hasn’t been engraved on our brains since the start), and was more startled that he’s the Arrow, but yeah, how she dismissed Felicity and Diggle, left my fists clinching. If she knew what they’d sacrificed and compromised to help her “great love”, I feel like she would be more inclined to give them more props.  

Now, given that, Laurel has only interacted with Diggle like, what, once, twice? Dig ain’t feeling her at all, and he has a nose like a hound when it comes to who is worth it and who isn’t. Felicity has been nothing but nice and cordial to Laurel, but I haven’t felt that returned, and again, they haven’t shared that much screentime for me to really measure that, although that “secretary” comment was a big enough barb for me to crack some glass over her head, but that’s just me.

The lair scene really felt too pressing to make Laurel matter, because Felicity and Diggle are the ones who really talk sense into Oliver, but for it to be Laurel, for her to suddenly tell the person she once called a murderer that he can stand up and keep going, SO LAUGHABLE. She was backpeddling HARD. I mean, had she ever realized how many times she’s called the Hood, and in connection, Oliver himself, a murderer, before she told him she knows him like she knows her own name? Check your birth certificate for your real name Laurel, because you must not know it at all. 

Anyways, I’m rambling. Laurel will need to buddy up to Diggle and Felicity on a MAJOR level to gain back some of that, “Okay, I can tolerate her." She’ll need to realize that she’s not the moral sun of Oliver’s Earth anymore. She’s not what has kept him on track at all. In fact, the fact that she thought she held that role for him pre- and post-Island shows how she’s missed the reality for SEVERAL years.

Diggle and Felicity are the SHIT. They are all Oliver really needs to do what he has to do and to be the person that he was meant to be. He doesn’t need Laurel for that, if he ever did, and once the writers see that, it’ll free Laurel from being this sacred temple of truth and morality for him, stuck in the time before Oliver was shipwrecked. She’s not the same person and nor should she be, and that goes into her letting go of Oliver romantically so that she can grow and be someone that we can at least stomach in a scene without going for the remote to fast-forward like white on rice. Now that Laurel is to be “something” of Team Arrow, then she will need to step aside and watch the seamless dynamic already in play, instead of injecting into the fold like she’s always belonged there. That’s what needs to happen. 

1.) The faster she realizes that Oliver is in love with Felicity, the better off she’ll be with the fans. 

The title speaks for itself in this case. If she can realize that things are never going to be the same between her and Oliver, that Oliver has changed drastically, and that he has serious feelings for Felicity, then she’ll be on the road to some recovery.

Basically, respect for Team Arrow, the most popular entity on the show, and Olicity, the most popular paring, will give her some favor back. Maybe? LOL.   

Sorry, that was LONG, but I hope I answered your question, love! Thank you! 

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reaction to the olicity spoilers??????


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Lost is life


Lost is life

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To the anon who sent me “that” Olicity question, give me some time to think about it!

I’m feeling like a little ficlet might be in order. 


*oh you didn’t know I write fanfic huh? mwahahaha*

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You’re going to be really upset when you meet my partner.

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So I thought I’d do a Q&A because… I don’t - I don’t need a reason.

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Chris Pratt Interrupts Interview To French Braid Intern’s Hair


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im 13 and my boyfriend wants me to spend the night what should i wear
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