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I can't believe you don't hate Michael. He's a killer and a liar!


You better believe it, because I love Michael. He’s a killer? Didn’t Sawyer take a transcontinental flight just to kill a man and it turned out not to be him? Didn’t Kate set a fuse and blow up her father? Didn’t Ben strangle Locke to death? Most of the characters that people moon over have killed someone at some point. I know what’s coming, they all had a reason, well so did Michael. And lets not forget, Libby was an accident.

Michael killed because he was told to, because he had no choice but to do so to get his son back. You know, the son that he never got to raise, the son that he had to go get from Sydney and had no clue how to connect with?  

Michael Dawson has committed lesser offenses than say Benjamin Linus, who was too much of a coward to save his own daughter, watching her be shot down like a dog right in front of him, but yet, everyone loooves Ben and all their other faves, but Michael just gets the stank eye because he had to do some pretty horrible shit for his CHILD.

A liar? Oh lets not go there. PULEASE. GTFO.

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