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i've been following you since the dawn of time, and every time i go to your blog, i'm like "man, that lost sounds like a good show." I'VE NEVER SEEN IT. and if i ever do start watching (which i'm just about ready to) it would be because of you. jsyk byeeee~


OMG STACEY! You just made my day with this. Completely! LOST simply is the best television series ever! You have to watch it, for the way it just pulls you in with the incredible cast of characters, and the lessons learned through their stories and just how fucking AH-MAZING it is, on all levels. You’ll never be able to stop watching, and when it’s over, you’ll want someone to end the pain of its absence, but in such a good way. 

I’m completely biased of course, so I won’t be objective about anything LOST. It’s the best. The fact that you’d be watching because of me means a LOT, because I advocate for everyone to be touched by that show. Thank you doll, now you gotta go watch and message me every single thought you have! 

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